Play level by level from "very easy" over "total recall" to "AYUMU STYLE"...

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It's a game about short-term memory
- could you beat Ayumu ;)
if you like the longer version just follow the link: Ayumu memory


How to
After you finished a game you see a screen as below:
How to

A 30-year study at Kyoto Universitys Primate Research Institute has shown that chimps are able to learn to recognize the numbers 1-9 and their values. The chimps further show an aptitude for photographic memory, demonstrated in experiments in which the jumbled digits 1-9 are flashed onto a computer screen for less than a quarter of a second, after which the chimp, Ayumu, is able to correctly and quickly point to the positions where they appeared in ascending order. The same experiment was failed by world memory champion Ben Pridmore on most attempts.
Ayumu, a young Chimpanzee has learned the order of the arabic numerals, and outperforms humans on a short-term memory task.

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