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The End of the F***ing Internet





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CRYPTO GOLD NUGGETS 100 unique NFTs minted on the Ethereum Mainnet

[…iBulla has been working on the topic of net art and cryptography for years. He has elaborated on the idea of unlocking a new resource and ventured out himself to dig up the nuggets in the digital Alps…]



Python script for working with the AxiDraw v3 pen plotter (and any cheap alibaba copy ;)
driven by the unoffical library „axi“ by fogleman
the script will plot any drawing created via

Two geese on their daily adventures.
Inventing, discovering and exploring is part of daily business. Experiencing and surviving adventures, learning new things and dealing with the world around you is a top priority.
Sometimes serious but mostly humorous, the two geese hold a mirror up to us and confront the viewer with prejudices, technical developments and philosophical thoughts that accompany our digitalized society.
Support the daily struggle and help the 2 Geese to spread their wings and fly up high!

The End of the F***ing Internet

The internet of today is a fragmented battleground. The idealism of the early 90s web is gone. The web utopia where we all lived in rounded filter bubbles of joy and happiness ended once more with the 2016 Presidential election when we learned that the tools, we thought were only life-giving could be weaponized too. The mass surveillance uncovered by activists like Edward Snowden in 2013 or some years before by Julien Assange, were only the visible tip from a much larger invisible monster, our digitalized reflection. The public and semi-public spaces we created to develop our identities, cultivate communities, and gain knowledge were overtaken by forces using them to win the power of various kinds. Your digital footprint does not belong to you anymore, your data will be abused and will be used against you.

The End of the F***ing Internet tells the story on various levels from different angles. Fragments of our time, signs of the past, unknown stories from the underlying technologies of our data-driven world. Glossy surfaces, mirroring worlds and interconnected subjects.


Congratulations, you've found the truffle!
You don't have to bother your head anymore about crypto currencies, kitties and punks, fungible vs non-fungible tokens on the blockchain or Ethereum standards like ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 and so on… Welcome to the real crypto shit!

Transcultural Collaboration (TC18)

Zürich - Shanghai - Hong Kong TC18

HowTrumpAreYou will go offline since we survived 4 Years of Trumpism
-> summarize of the project





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„there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch“

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